American Roulette

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American Roulette

This type is found in places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City consists of a wheel with numbers from 1-37 as well as a 0 and 00 spot. A bet on a single number that wins will net you a cool 35-1 payout! The addition of the 00 spot in American online roulette slightly raises the house edge, so if you have a choice we recommend sticking to European or French online roulette which will be described in the sections below.

French Roulette

If you are playing French roulette you’ll notice all kinds of special bets on the board with French names such as Voisins du zero, Le tiers du cylinde, and Orphelins. These are special bets that let you play combinations of different numbers all at the same time.

A popular online roulette strategy is to play alternating red and black bets or to choose a single number, then back up that bet by laying chips on other bets that compliment it. For example a player can bet $1 on number 17 but also bet on red and odd in case that number doesn’t come up they’ll still have some winnings to play with. Before playing online roulette for real money, it is highly suggested to play for imaginary stakes first so you get a feel for the game. By going into the casino’s ‘demo mode’ you will be able to practice all kinds of betting strategies and bet types without any pressure whatsoever.

How to Choose an Online Casino

If you are a new comer to online gambling and online casinos in general, then you could easily become overwhelmed with the amount of choice available online when it comes to casinos. There are estimated to currently be over 2000 licensed and trusted casinos online.

Tips & Tricks

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With endless instant-play gambling options on the web, you can now log-on as a total novice and start enjoying the action. However, whether you’re fresh in from Las Vegas or a gambling newbie – it makes sense to play smart. Check out some of the top online gambling tips we collected over the past decade…………

Gamble with Leisure Cash

Everyone knows the cliché – ‘only start gambling with money you can afford to risk losing’. However, it’s a cliché that makes total sense! What’s more, if you get the luck and skill, you can turn a small weekly limit into a tidy bank – and then you can play higher stake gambling with your winnings. Essentially – gamble with a strict weekly budget and earn the right to gamble big!

Gambling with Compounded Stakes

If he was still alive, there’s a good chance that we’d have one pretty clever online gambler – Einstein! The famous genius was a very big fan of the investment fan of compounding – in fact he stunned the world when he said that the biggest miracle in the universe, is compounding! So what does all this mean for online gambling advocates? Well, essentially, gambling with compounded bets is considered by pro gamblers to be the fastest way to quickly build a betting bank, without excess risk. To use compound gambling, you simply need to be a certain amount of your betting bank on each wager placed (something like 1-2% is often used). By re-calculating the bank percentage after each bet, you can safely progress your wager level. Compounding has the effect of delivering much more profit than the same level stake success.

Check out Some Gambling Strategies

Gambling with skill and strategies is the pro way to getting success in casinos. However, whatever your level you can adopt a more strategic edge. For example, genuine professional gambling masters can use strategies like card counting and complicated video poker analysis techniques, deliver a long-term gambling edge of 1% or more. While these skills are out of reach for casual gamblers, games such as video poker and blackjack can be played with strategy cards to instantly deliver a better gambling outcome. Of course – there are also some systems designed to create powerful gambling returns, without any real skill. One classic example is the Martingale strategy, explained below:

Bet 1: 1 credit red/black or odds/even
Win:quit/re-start a new system
Lose: Double-bet on the next spin, with the same selection
Keep gambling with the steps above until you win or reach your limit

Using systems like the Martingale to try and secure online gambling success is potentially effective, but also contains elements of risk. It’s therefore critical to use a max liability limit, such as 6 bets are re-start the strategy, learn the systems with free bonus cash and gamble with money you can risk. Ultimately – thousands of online gamblers have had real success with gambling systems, but they all know how to manage their funds.

Crazy Eight Card Game

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Crazy eight is a card game that can be played by two or more players at the same time. In this game, players aim to be the first to get rid of all their cards to a discard pile. A deck of cards containing 52 cards is used when there are not more than six players and two decks can be used when the players are more than six. The players are dealt seven cards each the remaining cards from the deck are placed down at the centre face down the card at the top is turned face up and this starts the discard pile. Cards are discarded by matching ranks or suit with the top card on the discard pile.

If a player does not have a matching card he/she picks a card from the stock pile if it matches he may play the card if it does not match he/she keeps it and the next player gets their turn. If the players puts down an 8 he/she gets to declare the suit the next player is to play. If a player plays a 7 the next player is skipped from play unless they have a 7 that counters. A k allows the player to play twice and a J allows the person to reverse play to himself/herself or change the direction of play. When a player has finished his cards he may win as long as the last card was not a 7, an 8, a K, a J, a 2, an A and a Joker.

If he finishes with any of those cards he remains in “air” and will have to draw another card from the stockpile when their turn comes again till he/she gets a closing card. The card 2 makes the next player pick two cards unless they have either a 2 that will force the next player to pick four unless they have an ace to rescue them from picking or a joker that adds a further five cards to the total of cards to be picked by the next player.

This game however has a lot of variations depending on the rules set by the house, so it may be played differently.

Blackjack Online

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Online Blackjack

A top reason for the move to online blackjack is the player-unfriendly policies that have been enacted by land based casinos surrounding this game. As people learned how to reduce the house edge by playing according to an optimal strategy casinos started changing the rules to make the game impossible to beat. In traditional blackjack if a player is dealt 21 they should win at odds of 3-2, yet many convential casinos have lowered this payout to 6-5 harming the player’s chance to win in the long term. While brick and mortar casinos regularly impose high minimum stakes for all games that average $10 – $15 a hand, online casinos will let you play this great game for as little as $0.10 a hand.

The low limits allowed by online casinos let you enjoy sessions for much longer if you are on a limited budget. At $10 a hand you may only get to play blackjack online for 10 minutes before going though a $100 bankroll, but if your playing for only a fraction of that your playing time only goes up. When playing online blackjack fans also like the fact that they can control the pace of the game. When you are in control you can think about bet sizing and weather to hit or stand without the pressure of other players at the table or the dealer who is paid based on how many hands he can deal per hour.

Blackjack Variations

Because online casinos can do more with technology than regular casinos can do with a physical felt table – all kinds of online blackjack variations have sprouted up with new ones being developed each month. These variations have all kinds of names like Spanish 21, Pontoon, Double Switch, Vegas Strip, and Atlantic City. While all of them are basically the same they each have rule variations and twists on classic blackjack that keep things interesting for fans of this game. You should also have a look at different strategies used while playing Blackjack. This all will give you better understanding of the game.

If you’re new to playing online blackjack every online casino offers a free play option in addition to playing for real money. Simply use the ‘demo mode’ to play with a mythical bankroll and without any financial risk whatsoever. The free play mode is also available on the many variations mentioned above. This way you can learn the ins and outs of each online blackjack style game before risking your hard earned cash. You’ll also be a better player when its time to make a real wager netting you more winnings in the long run.